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How to Help Your System Survive Error Code 36

error code 36 error

You might have seen this error message pop up on your computer screen when you want to copy a particular file to your computer.

We strongly suggest that you run a quick scan for error code 36 for your PC to check and fix the errors.

What Is Error Code 36?

Some people might have experienced the following situation: when you try to copy a file or an image to your computer, you would receive an error message says "finder cannot read or write files. Error code - 36". And the copying process would stop right away.

This is actually due the problem in the input or output of your computer. And the error is also known as the "I/O error". You might have encountered the previous error when you move a particular from one folder to another folder. Or you might also have experienced a blue screen of death. So it becomes urgent for you to learn how to fix this annoying error code 36.

How to Fix Error Code 36

Following a brief introduction of error code 36, there will be some useful tips for you to fix this error. Just take a look at the following instructions.

Method One

In Mac OS x 10.6.2 and MS-DOS/FAT – formatted disk application

  1. Create a new folder in MS-DOS drive
  2. Copy a file and paste it into the new folder
  3. Copy the entire folder to the Desktop
  4. Copy the folder from the desktop to the MS-DOS drive

Method Two

  1. If the problem still exists, go to Application > Utilities
  2. Open Terminal > type in "do_clean"
  3. Click on the particular file relating to the error message you received
  4. Drag the file into the Terminal window > press Enter
  5. Copy the folder’s entry showed in the window
  6. Then try copying the folder as method one

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