Something You Might Not Know About Error Code 50
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Something You Might Not Know About Error Code 50

Possible Error Message

"Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (Error code -50)."

You might have seen error messages like this when you especially when you are surfing the Internet. Errors like this could affect the proper performance of your operating system. And it is annoying particularly when you are in the middle of an important task.

We strongly suggest that you run a quick scan for error code 50 for your PC to check and fix the errors.

What Is Error Code 50?

Generally, error code 50 happens when you are surfing the Internet if you have a Windows XP operating system. This is because when you are online and try to run more than on URL at the same time, your system will report a relating error. If your compute is required to create another DFS (Distributed File System), the root of the URL will not allow the surfing. And the Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition would only allow a one DFS root in your computer.

Therefore, you would probably receive error code 50 when this happens, and you would not be able to continue to use your web browser when the error occurs. If you want to surfing the Internet without having to worry about the possible error, you should take a look at the following parts of this article.

How to Fix Error Code 50?

Once you know the cause and consequence of the error code 50, corrective steps must be made to prevent your computer from further damages.

Solve the problem by Troubleshooting:

  1. Open your Device Manager. Right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. Then double click on the device that has reported the error, and right click on that device. Select Properties, and there you would be able to see the error code.
  2. Then use the Troubleshooting Wizard. Go to the Device Properties > General tab > click Troubleshoot. Then all you have to do is to answer some simple questions and follow the instructions in the Troubleshooting Wizard.

If the Troubleshooting Wizard does not work, you could go the Microsoft website and ask for help. You have to find your error code in the support section and follow the solutions presented.

After you have done these processes, remember to go back to the Device status to check if the problem is solved.

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