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True Things About Error Code 0x80070005

Error Message

error code 0x80070005 error

You might have seen error messages like this show up on your monitor. Eventually, you computer might running slower than you first got it. And you would also encounter system failures or program crashes.

We strongly suggest that you run a quick scan for error code 0x80070005 for your PC to check and fix the errors.

What Is Error Code 0x80070005?

You receive an error code 0x80070005 because the Task Scheduler encounters some problems. This error also happens when the name of your compute is unknown, or there is something wrong with the administrator ID during login.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070005?

Generally, this error is considered one of the most frequently happened errors in your computer, and its cause varies. It could be a result of technical problems, or a corrupt registry. If you want to solve the problem manually, you can take a look at the instructions below.

If the error occurs when you open a folder which you are sharing to the Internet, you can do the following things to repair the error:

  1. Right click on that particular folder
  2. Select Properties > Security tab
  3. Click Add > Advanced > Find Now
  4. Then select "Everyone" > click OK
  5. Click "Apply" > OK
  6. Create a new account with the same name and password
  7. Add the account you have just created to Administrators group
  8. Use this account to log on and access the folder

Besides, you should always pay close attention to the condition of your operating system. You have to run virus scan for your computer regularly to detect and remove all the possible threats. And it would be better if you manage to scan your registry incase it is corrupt, and you should fix the errors in your registry to prevent further damages.

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